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6-Year Itch

December 9, 2010

I’m beginning to feel how I did when I quit my job in Miami and moved to Prague. I feel discontent, less than satisfied with my work. Something’s gotta change.  Something different needs to be on the horizon.

It’s been 6 years since my big move to the Bay Area. Much has happened in my personal life since I’ve been here -I’ve been lucky in life and love. I’m fortunate that I have work, steady work and have had some tremendous opportunities. Still, unrest.

The Hubster and I have been talking for a while about a change. There are many reasons we both believe we won’t be settling forever in the Bay Area, although we absolutely love it here.  Some challenges can be overcome by moving.  The questions are how? Where to? When? And so on and on and on.

So we get stuck in a cycle of indecision. Terribly difficult to break a cycle like that. Especially when we really do love where we are. And we don’t know where to go.

Single me would have found a quicker way out of this pinch. Not that I’m complaining about decisions for two. Married me needs to be more strategic and smart about it. And, of course, we both need to agree on what the move should be. But I’m officially putting it out there to the universe. Self motivating. Because if I reread this in a year and nothing’s changed, I’ll feel shamed. Nothing like some gold old fashioned fear of being accused of not doing what I say to motivate me.  I’ve got the whole world in my hands.

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  1. December 10, 2010 14:06

    Whenever I start to feel this way, I set a timeline or a goal. Last year, my goal was to write a book by April 2010. It took me 7 mths longer than expected but now the book is out and the goal is accomlished. Good luck!


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