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What I’m Doing Now

This is what I’m doing now, in no particular order:

  • Exposing my 5 year old to new adventures, like a professional hockey game and a Monster Truck Jam. Expanding both our horizons.
  • In final stages of preparation for my company’s exhibition at a global conference overseas. Leading, managing and doing nearly all of it while retaining my sanity, having an impact and showing results.
  • Blogging somewhat regularly here
  • Supporting other people in my life – personally and professionally
  • Giving of my time to friends running non-profit projects and others trying to get a leg up. Help, support, show gratitude, repeat.
  • Worrying about family members and tempering my empathy in order to survive
  • Continuing to practice meditation even though I often feel I’m just not doing it right. And continuing to remind myself there’s no such thing as not doing it right.
  • Staying accountable for my personal and professional growth by participating in altMBA discussions
  • Creating accountability for my ideas and plans so they don’t fall by the wayside.
  • Building new friendships for me and my family.
  • Maintaining old friendships, even ones struggling from differences in political opinions.
  • Aiding my son in finding new independence with a new bed and a new wall in his room so he starts to appreciate HIS space and OUR space and that sometimes there is a difference between the two.
  • Loving my family and myself

(Updated February  16, 2017)

(Following the cue from Derek Sivers, this is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

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