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Gangsta’s Kitchen Paradise

November 23, 2010

My boy Artis was the shit in 1995. He had a hit song that was the focal point of a popular movie. But life wasn’t always on the upswing after that. He had some TV cameos, bit parts in crappy, straight-to-video movies. He may have hit bottom when he started selling crack cocaine and even got arrested for possession. Today, it seems he found his stride in an unlikely way.

Artis has become the self-proclaimed Ghetto Gourmet.  He brings his very unique style, swagger and skills to the kitchen. He’s committed to making kids eat their veggies and he seems to like saying ‘Shaka Zulu!” Who’s Artis? You’ll never guess.

Artis then:

Artis now:

Coolio IS The Ghetto Gourmet, awww yeah. He’s still got the attitude, the posse and the hoochie mamas. Tell me why are we so blind…to Coolio’s kitchen skills? Been spending most our lives living in the gangsta’s kitchen, yo.

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  1. November 24, 2010 18:11

    I would have watched a reality show with him as a hairdresser but chef…not so sure. Street cred doesn’t translate to kitchen cred. 🙂


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