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How much is too much? Part II

May 26, 2017

Can we suffer from too much self introspection?

It seems everywhere I turn these days there’s another self-proclaimed expert, coach, leadership guru or self-help motivational speaker who will help me get my life on track, my ducks in a row, the promotion I want and the millions I will earn from my new side hustle. Here’s how this billionaire became so rich working 6 hours a week, and here’s a 22-year-old multi-millionaire who will tell you the morning routine you must follow if you want to be rich, too.

We are meditating and questioning and learning empathy. We are becoming self aware and becoming an influencer and a thought leader, and we are telling others how they must do this and that to become truly successful and content.

And we are creating platforms to share our meaningful content, and we are posting and tweeting and blogging and Instagramming and Snapping and more.

You’re doing, and she’s doing it, and I’m doing it, too. (Hello, blog readers and Twitter followers!)

I meditate (occasionally), I 7-minute workout, I dig deep inside myself and look outside myself to learn how to best raise my child. I work at it all, every day. Except for the days when I can only work, be and sleep.

It’s a LOT to take in. There’s a dearth of ideas and opinions out there and no sign the firehose is slowing. You may relate to and gain insights from people I don’t. And vice versa. But there’s new people every day. I have saved links of web pages to read, webinars to watch, PDFs to peruse. How much mindfulness, leadership, expertise is too much? Is there such a thing as too much?

How much expertise is too much? Is there such a thing as too much?

Will we saturate?

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