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March 29, 2017

Before yesterday, it had been about 7 weeks since I posted here. And really, it had been 7 weeks since I’d written anything for myself. 

I entered a crazy busy period at work in the lead up to a big event. I was working kong hours, every night and some on the weekends. When I wasn’t working, I commuted to work or spent time with the family or, when lucky, got some sleep. 

Then I spent 8 days out of the country at a work event. 

Then, I crashed. 

I slept a lot. Jet lag was a factor. But I had no mojo. I coasted for a couple of weeks, mostly checked out of any personally creative work. I had flashes of wanting to write, at inopportune times. I ignored them. Blah.  

A wise friend reminded me today that, like him, I need to writing to generate the ideas. It’s a circle. As I lay in bed and write my second post, I know he’s right. 

Perhaps I needed the recharge. I have to shut down in order to ramp back up. Let’s ramp. 

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