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The low-maintenance one

March 30, 2017

Hubster and I each have one high-maintenance parent. I’d bet you $20 right now that each would self identify as the low-maintenance one. Yeah, right.

Maybe we need one person to rock the boat, swing from the chandelier, bring the drama. Does it keep the rest of our on our toes?

As Hubster and I grow old together, I enjoy telling him I am certain HE will be the high maintenance old parent or grandpa, or whatever else we become. Uh oh, has my disillusionment and lack of self realization begun already?

As we have one child, we will both be quite singularly focused. I’m likely to want to be very involved in our son’s life, but have a solid history with parents who invited independence so maybe I’ll be ok. Will I meddle more with my son’s partner, if he has one? Or will Hubster’s couch-potato syndrome kick in, and he’ll demand everyone visit him.

Maybe we can just take turns. (wink, wink, I will TOTALLY be the low-maintenance one.)

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  1. April 7, 2017 06:34

    hehe. I can’t imagine anyone in your house being high maintenance.


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