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I’m a Big Communicator

March 27, 2016

Why?  I enjoy interaction – the give and take, the energy of a discussion between two or more people with a geniune interest in one another. I desire deep human connections. I feel let down when the give in my direction stops.

Why do I feel let down when the give stops?  Communication creates community. Around an idea, a premise or a silly joke. I want to prolong those interactions.

Why do I like community?  I like to give and receive feedback. I like to bounce my ideas off people and learn from their input. But I can work alone and sometimes need the quiet. And I don’t like to go to schmoozy, networking-type events.

Why don’t I like schmoozy events? I don’t enjoy having to ‘turn it up’ to make nice with people who either want to sell me something, collect the most business cards or don’t really want to build a relationship with me. So I don’t join the professional associations, even when I was a consultant who could have been one of those people collecting business cards and using that to drive business. I’d rather be at home.

Why would I rather be at home? Aside from the benefits of avoiding everything I don’t like about the question above, home is where my heart is.

[This is my first in a series of WHY? posts as I dig deeper into myself in order to drive my forward direction to find my Ramsgate.]

Determine the root cause with the 5 whys.



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