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The Day I Walked Out on the Job

August 19, 2010

Below is my last journal entry from my short-lived stint at Shoreline Ampitheater. I remember it to this day. I was traumatized. It was a long, hot day, and there were several instances of big fights and shouts of, ‘He’s got a gun!’ Groups stormed the gates at least two times. We heard stories of gunplay on the lawn inside and that hoodlums inside were causing a ruckus in order to draw security away from the gates so their friends could storm the gates. Pretty well coordinated for a bunch of hoods.


Minimum wage was the pay. Worth fear of death? I think not. Even if I was doing it for the music, man.




Concert:  KMEL Summer Jam featuring Jodeci, Ying Yang Twins, Common, Kanye West, Damian Marley, Goapele and more

Date:  Sunday, August 21

My call time: 10 a.m.

Doors open:  11 a.m.

Departure Time:  7:30 p.m.

My position:  body searcher, North Gate


Summary of the day’s activities:  Fucked up

The day was fraught with danger. Gunplay. Several times. Ducking for cover under flimsy tables. Screaming.

They made us stay about 2 hours after the shows ended – just in case.

And then I quit.



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  1. tenaya permalink
    October 29, 2010 16:28

    okay this is insanity! thank God you weren’t hurt and that you gave them the final goodbye. definitely not worth a paycheck.


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