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Eyelashes are the windows to the genitals

January 16, 2016

“That one’s the girl,” my 4-year-old son exclaims excitedly, pointing to a giraffe in his book. How do you know, is, of course, my first question. “Because she has those things,” he explains, pointing… To her eyelashes.

A few days later, we were playing with his small, stuffed cotton animals that go in a little zoo bag. Practically the same scenario repeats itself. “That’s a girl!” Why? “She has eyelashes.”

I remind him, again, he has eyelashes, as do I and his tata (daddy). My words carry no weight. 

In lieu of bows , pink color or other ‘typical’ gender markers, my son has identified the females. He does It all the time with books, toys, etc. Often, he seems to be correct. Artists draw extra long eyelashes on females in stories and other places. 

It’s pretty sharp, I think, that he noticed it. I wasn’t so aware of it previously, unless it was really obvious. Mind you, this little boy has eyelashes a woman like me covets. 

Eyelash extensions are a real thing, and i don’t know how many men would consider it. 

Of course, comments like this coming from my boy whose hair is nearly shoulder length and who refuses to get a haircut, is a little ironic. My husband and I often get told how cute SHE is. 

It’s funny though. When you consider the attention being placed recently on toy makers marketing to specific genders with things like pink Legos and so on. Is anyone payin attention to the eyes? They hold so much truth. 
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  1. November 12, 2016 17:08

    Interesting theory!!!


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