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January 12, 2017

It’s trendy to be grateful and self aware. 
But actually, let’s not be in the moment all the time. Or should we? 

Has mindfulness jumped the shark? Or is that a ridiculous premise? Can you ever have too much goodness, self awareness among the masses and attention to minds and bodies? 

With the rise in reported hatred, anti-semitism and  negativity from our leading politicians, ahem, I feel an equally compelling rise on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Yes, it can be annoying when things get talked about too much. But goodness is good.  

It seems the increase in hate and negative talking from some has increased the demand and output of positivity from the contrarians, to whom I am ever so thankful. 

I say bring on the mindfulness. Get the masses enrolled in the kindness and empathy movement. The more the haters push, the louder we get. Drowning out hate with yoga, meditation and love. I’d say let’s start a movement, but I feel humans already have. I vow to do my part in spreading it. Love trumps hate. 

Thoughts on the end of the world 

January 11, 2017

I started writing this the day after Election Day. Or New Year’s Eve Y2k. Or January 19, 2017, the night before Trump takes office. You decide. 

New Year’s Eve 1999. Y2K. Some people thought the world would end. Others thought only that computers wouldn’t work anymore. Nothing happened. 

We were young. Carefree. Celebrated in Key West, Florida. We climbed onto his sailboat with our liquor and beer for a night sail to watch the fireworks. We joked that if we saw the island explode behind us, we’d just keep sailing. We said we were gonna party like it was 1999. We had no plan. 

It didn’t. We didn’t. We returned to the dock, and we awoke the next day hungover. Still joking about our grand idea to sail off into the wild blue. 

We’ve too many responsibilities today to sail away from the world. We get seasick. We can’t afford a sailboat.  If we could, we’d buy something else instead. 

The world isn’t likely to explode. It may implode. Let’s hope neither happens. I hope that’s our great disappointment to come. 

Git it done!

January 9, 2017

Lots of ideas without order. 
Tons of excitement without focus. 

Momentum. Motivation. Ideas! Nothing to show for it. 

What good are ideas if you don’t get started on any? What good is excitement if you don’t produce anything? What good is motivation if you don’t channel it towards something tangible? What are your goals? 

I don’t believe in new year resolutions. If there’s something you need to do or truly want to get some, the flip of a calendar won’t make the difference. But if you tell yourself the story that this year, you’ll really do it, well then, if it works, take your motivation wherever you can find it. 

Can you make a resolution on January 10? On a random Tuesday night when you’ve got nothing better to do? You’re damn right you can. And should. 

 Think of all that you want to get done. And then start something. 

Show up

December 19, 2016

Understand you have to show up. 

You have to be present. 

Raise your hand. 

Say, “I will do it.”

“And it will be my best work.”

Although it will not likely be perfect. 

Show up. 

And mean it. 


December 14, 2016

What do Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Danzig, the San Francisco Giants, New York University and Tabasco sauce have in common? 


Run to read

December 2, 2016

Boys need to run in order to learn how to read. It’s simple, really, and explained well in this Time article. 

I see my 5 year old running around like he’s on fire. His energy level is consistently at max speed, even when he insists he’s tired. He maintains it until bedtime when he often falls asleep instantly. 

I get exhausted just watching him. 

But when he starts kindergarten next year, I want him to excel. Like any parent would. I don’t know yet how active he’ll be at his new school. It makes sense to me that running around and all types of physical activity gets the brain and blood flowing and let’s boys expel energy. So when the time does come to sit and learn, he might even be ready for a little quiet time. 

Note to self: Remember this post. 

Under pressure 

December 2, 2016

A race car driver knows a thing or two about pressure, and this one has solid advice for skills that build children into strong adults. 

Read this article in Inc about pressure and hard work and why it’s important to not be afraid of it. 

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