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Unconditional trust

August 9, 2017

Unconditional trust is a sacred thing. If you hold it dear, you will be rewarded. Trust is the reward itself. 

I see unconditional trust as that of a child for her parents. An old parent for his child caregiver. It’s cyclical. 

My son, not quite 6, has unconditional trust for me. It’s waning in some areas. Like with food. When he simply doesn’t want to eat something, nothing I say can convince him. 

But him losing parts of this trust is good. He is gaining more for himself. As his confidence as an individual grows, he won’t need to hang on to his stronghold in me. Although I hope he never forgets that it’s there. 



August 8, 2017

Some people have a way of making things they do important to other people. Or is it the audience who makes it important?

My aim is true

August 7, 2017

Not everyone else’s is. Everyone has their own self motivation. That’s not something about which we can worry. 

My aim remains true. Does yours?

Information fatigue

August 5, 2017

There’s this news article and that blog post. There’s this top list you just have to read and that video you better not miss. Everyone is talking about this and that. 

And yet. There’s another this and that every second. I am guilty of it sometimes, too. I’m blogging just like everyone else. 

You can’t read, hear, watch, survey, process it all. There is JUST TOO MUCH. It’s fast and it’s furious. It’s relentless and never ending. 

And there’s pressure to keep up. Yet most people I know are suffering from information fatigue. We are mindful with our heads on the screen and our fingers on the keyboard. There’s fear of missing out (FOMO) and keeping up on instagram. 

You have to pick and choose. There’s JUST TOO MUCH. How do YOU choose?

Lost dog

August 5, 2017

Bim. Bom. Bim. The tones sound, and there’s a pause before the monotone woman starts chattering away in a language foreign to me. Her voice echoed around the town. I mean it really does. Her words are emanating from Communist-era megaphones around town. 

I wait, asking my husband to run outside to listen to what the important message might be. He understands the language. It’s his mother tongue. And the message is sure to be important. Why else would they broadcast it throughout town at 11:07 am on a summer Friday?

He walks back inside, giggling. 

A lost dog. 

I look at him questioningly. Are you telling me a joke? Did you see a lost dog outside? Don’t you know I’m anxious to hear what the announcement was?

A lost dog. 

The announcement was that a lost dog was found. It’s a nice dog. It’s brown with white spots and it was found in front of Telco, or something like that. If it’s yours, come and get it. 


August 3, 2017

We can sit around and congratulate ourselves on how right we were. We can write and read articles about how he’s made another mistake, like we knew he would. Oh, we knew he would. 

What do we gain from reminding ourselves how right we are? Who wins when we pat ourselves on the backs because we knew all along? What dialogue are we creating by digging further the trench between those who knew and others who disagreed?

Do they still disagree? How can we bridge the divide? 

First you say please

August 3, 2017

First you say please. And then you say thank you. 

Pretty basic concept, right? It’s the title of a book I’ve been reading my son since he was about 3. Simple. 

Then why is it seemingly so hard? It often feels like a disappearing nicety. I feel like an old geezer. Ah, kids today, they don’t even say please and thank you anymore! Ai, what is happening to our society?

But what really is happening? In our self- centered world, are we forgetting the value of a little please and thank you? Am I out of touch? Do niceties matter? To me, they do. 

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