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They really need  to go to sleep

September 21, 2017

“Seriously,” he tells me, sounding quite serious. “They need to go to sleep.”

“Why are they up so late,” he asks. “I mean there’s all these people on bicycles and there’s a bus. It’s crazy.” He’s emphatic.  

This is unusual. It’s East Bay Bike Party, I learn. It’s loud enough that he can’t fall asleep because boom boxes, or whatever people use these days, on bikes are flying by our windows. It’s pretty loud. 

But to me, the funnier part is that he thinks the world goes to sleep when he does. He’s surprised all these people are awake when it’s bedtime. 

It’s self centered yet simple. I wish I could have that freedom. No fear of missing out. No worrying about what might happen after I leave or before I arrive. Beautiful. 

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