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First you say please

August 3, 2017

First you say please. And then you say thank you. 

Pretty basic concept, right? It’s the title of a book I’ve been reading my son since he was about 3. Simple. 

Then why is it seemingly so hard? It often feels like a disappearing nicety. I feel like an old geezer. Ah, kids today, they don’t even say please and thank you anymore! Ai, what is happening to our society?

But what really is happening? In our self- centered world, are we forgetting the value of a little please and thank you? Am I out of touch? Do niceties matter? To me, they do. 

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  1. August 5, 2017 00:30

    I asked my Chinese teacher how to say please in Chinese and her response was, “you don’t need to learn that”. Made me wonder if that was the case 50 years ago.

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