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100 Days

July 6, 2017

Isn’t it ironic that yesterday was the first day in 100 days that I woke up and felt annoyed about this blog. I have written here for 100 days straight. Yesterday, the idea of writing made me angry. But I wrote. 

It started with 30 days of daily writing and publishing.  Then I recommitted to 60. And I kept going.

Yesterday when I woke up and realized I had nothing scheduled and nothing planned, I felt annoyed. Well self, I told myself, forget it. Just forget today. It’s just another day, and you, self, are the only one who will notice or miss it.

But the other part of myself didn’t like how that felt, so I posted something. Later, I got onto my computer, looked at my calendar and saw it was my 100 day marker. My resistance had fully kicked in.

I pushed through it. I wrote. I just read more and now I can write more. Will I write every day for another 100 days? I’m not prepared to commit. I feel I need to take it day by day. It’s less scary that way. 

There are other things I also take day by day. I’m not always so successful with those other things. For example, I didn’t exercise yesterday. Tomorrow, I plan to. We’ll see.

Today is day 101.

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  1. July 6, 2017 07:47

    Congrats on your 100 days! Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts in the coming months!

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  2. July 8, 2017 17:20

    wow, 100 days! that’s awesome.


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