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What makes you cry?

June 27, 2017

What gets me in the gut may not give you any pause. I’ll be in tears while you’ll be digging into the popcorn. Your pain points and soft spots may not be mine. And that is ok. It’s good. We are different. 

Some kids can handle the drama of Frozen at an early age. Others cower when the princess goes to sleep…is she dead?

My son burst into tears from The Little Mermaid, one of my favorite animated films. When King Triton let loose with anger and fear on Ariel’s cavern of human treasures, my son could not keep inside his tears of frustration and sadness. Ursuala’s spell put him over the edge. I turned it off. This should be entertainment, not torture. 

I suppose in time he’ll build up immunity to this level of fear. It will seem like nothing. In some ways, I like preserving his naïveté. It’s sweet, kind and loving. 

While some small kids watch Star Wars at breakfast, others need more time. And that’s ok.  

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