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My own expectations

June 25, 2017

I had so many productive things planned. I was going to cross this item off my list after getting it done. I was going to finish this and start that. 

But I didn’t do any of it. 

I fell asleep. I couldn’t wake up. I did wake up. And then I fell immediately back to sleep. 

Ugh, I thought. I had expected so much from myself tonight. I was supposed to be so productive. Instead, I slept. 

Maybe that was the productivity my body needed. Perhaps my own expectations for myself were unrealistic. Good thing I only disappointed myself and not anyone else. That would be much worse to deal with. These are my own expectations. 

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  1. June 27, 2017 08:24

    This is one of the things I fight with myself about… I want and expect so much from myself and when I don’t live up to it I get disappointed in me. And when I have plans with people and the time comes and try as I may, I simply can’t do it…. Oh man! I feel like a total loser and feel so much guilt. I probably should have just gone – I was going to be miserable either way….

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    • June 27, 2017 09:35

      Haha! So glad it’s not just me. The thing is that I’m usually fine once I’m there. But the getting there, 😑 ugh

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  2. July 8, 2017 17:33

    Our To Do lists are never ending and rarely include getting enough sleep. I say go with it any time that is what your body is asking for. The To Do list can wait the one extra night… Or at least that is what I told myself last night when I went to sleep early instead of getting my list ticked off.

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