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Yes men

June 19, 2017

Oh, it feels good to be lauded. To be praised. To have people tell you you are doing such a good job.

Is there danger in surrounding yourself with people who agree publicly and vehemently with you at every turn?

We’ve all seen it: the leader is isolated from reality, surrounded by a small group of people who deliver the good news and hide the bad. His entire worldview is distorted, controlled by those who are feeding his perceptions. He thinks these people are protecting him. Watching his back.

Yes men don’t take responsibility.

Yes men won’t stop you from doing something stupid.

True leaders invite dissension and contrary opinions.

True leaders welcome challenging questions.

If no one is willing to take a stand against a leader, decisions will never be fair for everyone. There is no universal perspective.

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  1. June 22, 2017 01:42

    I think it takes great courage to surround yourself with people willing to question you. Esp. if they are not always the smoothest at delivery. But a crucial thing to be able to do as a leader or even just as a person.

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