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June 9, 2017

John Wayne, tanned like the leather on his body, 

Crud stuck between the tiles in your shower that you bleach and scrub and pick at without ever succeeding in fully removing.

Perseverance and stick to it-ivness. 


What is it to you? What images does the word conjure in your mind?

I first discovered Angela Duckworth’s Ted talk as a result of my online searches for articles and coverage of how to raise children with an entrepreneurial spirit. That led me to her book, Grit, the power of passion and perseverance. 

“Talent is important, but effort counts twice.”

She writes this as she unveils her mathematical equation to define and account for grit. 

It means something may be harder for you than for me, but if you try harder, bounce back through failures and keep pushing, you can get to a point where you are as good as i am or better. And I, relying on talent only, may give up by that point anyway. Because I don’t have the grit you have. 

It’s a bit dry for an audio book. But I just got to part 2,which should be the juicy part where she tells us how to get gritty. 

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  1. June 24, 2017 18:19

    Woud\ld love to know how to increase my grit. Let me know if part two is worthwhile.


    • June 24, 2017 20:20

      It was an audio book library rental. It expired before I finished. Now I’m back in the queue. Sigh



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