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Do you MBA?

June 4, 2017
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The reason people need an MBA? (or at least the reason most people do): it’s hard to follow through and stick with a self-improvement program when you don’t.

So accountability is the reason most people do it, writes Seth Godin

Josh Kaufman, an entrepreneur I only heard of when searching online for this topic, “thinks business school is pretty much a waste of time and money.”

Godin has a Stanford MBA. Kaufman has none. 

There’s a movement of people telling the world that MBAs are useless. For entrepreneurs, I get it. It won’t be the reason you get venture funded or be successful. You can learn a lot from good books. 

But in the business world, from what I’ve seen, an MBA is highly valued. It’s listed in the job requirements posted online. It’s thrown around in board rooms with references to alumni networks and expertise. Its often a necessity for a coveted promotion to a VP role. 

You may be nodding your head vehemently against my words, but it’s out there. So how will change the minds of those in the board room? 

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