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Invite yourself to the table

June 2, 2017

The moment you decide to create opportunities without asking for permission is when its time to invite yourself to new possibilities.

You will not be invited to succeed, take risks and put yourself in situations outside of your comfort zone. The way to place yourself into those situations is to actively seek them out and find your way in.

It’s not an easy task. Most worthwhile things aren’t. 

A kind friend suggested I watch this talk by Kristy Tillman: Inviting Yourself to the Table.

As the co-founder of the Detroit Water Project and other cause-based start-up ventures, Kristy tells a compelling story about not asking permission to take a stand, take what’s yours and create something that doesn’t exist today to solve people’s needs. She now heads communications for the rising star Slack.

Listen to her story. It’s a great one. 


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