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On commitments and gentleness

May 18, 2017

Keeping commitments. Holding promises to yourself. Its important. When you ask other people to participate by reading, answering, looking, you have involved them then in your commitment.

Being gentle with yourself. Acting kindly to yourself is essential. We all need loving kindness, even if on some days it only comes from ourselves.

And what if being gentle with yourself involves breaking a commitment to yourself? Am I being obtuse? Incoherent?

What I mean is, if the need to be gentle with yourself causes you to break a commitment that you made to yourself, with which other people may or may not now be involved, is it OK? Or is this not the time nor place to invoke said gentleness? Is this not the time to be kind to yourself, to cut yourself some slack? Because, dammit, you made a promise.

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  1. Robin S Stevens permalink
    May 18, 2017 09:57

    Cut yourself some slack!


    • May 18, 2017 10:02

      Well I did not make it to the gym today, but I did write my daily blog post. So I’m halfway there.


  2. May 31, 2017 06:00

    well, the nice thing about commitments is that if you break them, you can always recommit! and don’t forget – sometimes competing priorities cause us to change our minds, even if in the short term, and we can always go back if we want to.

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