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Necessary reminders

May 15, 2017

Just yesterday, I was telling friends how valuable I’m finding the daily emails from The Daily Stoic. That there are things in my life and my behavior that I need to work on, and these daily reminders are beneficial.

And then today, I got this:

So the next time you feel pain—whether it’s a broken arm or a bout of depression or the sting of a rude remark—say to yourself: I don’t like this, I wish it hadn’t happened but I am at least learning what pain is. I am exploring my tolerance for it. I am growing because of it.

And it reminded me of this, because pain is different for everyone: It feels real because it is real.

Pain is OK. Disappointment is OK. Good or bad events, fear, sadness…all are OK. Because what truly matters, what will chart your course and get you moving on to the next, is how you handle it all.

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