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Popularity contest

May 13, 2017

The most popular post I’ve ever written is about backscratches. Who knew that would strike a cord? Do people care about having their backs scratched? Apparently they do.

And so You Scratch My Back, I’ll Pay You is the most popular (by number of clicks) post ever to have been published on Abbe’s Road. Internet people, you do astound me and make me giggle.

At the time I published it, I recall being surprised at the comments from strangers about it agreeing with me. I had thought only my sister reads my blog (hi sis!) and the Hubster, but that’s under duress. (kidding, honey)

Anyway, with the objective of giving the public what they want, let’s start a movement to bring the satisfying back scratch to the mainstream. Any massage therapists with me, or does this need to be a niche service area?

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