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By women, for women 

May 9, 2017

The power of a supportive, tight female network for professional women is not to be understated. I have met some of my closest friends, confidantes and colleagues because we all made the choice to be there for one another professionally.

In different ways, we were all hard workers and supported each other’s work tirelessly. We helped each other solve problems. We told the boss how valuable the other one was. We built deep relationships. Because of that, sometimes 5, 10, 15 years after we’ve worked together, we remain confident in each other’s work ethic and results, even if we don’t even really know what the other has been up to.

Women in the workplace need the kind of professional and emotional support that only other women can give. Yes, men can mentor and support professionally and emotionally. But it’s different. In my experience. You may feel something different. I’d love to hear it.

This is the reason that I believe it is vital to support other women in the workplace. If she is a total slacker and doesn’t do her work, I’ll talk to her. I have, fortunately, yet to work with someone like that. If she is young and needs advice, I’ll provide it. If she needs someone to help propel her and tell others how great she is, I will do that. If she needs a kickstart or a swift kick of motivation, I will give her my very best. If she deserves more money and is afraid to ask, I’ll do my best to coach her.

If she or I doesn’t know what she needs, I will start the conversation. If you know me and think I haven’t done this, tell me. And I will do it from now on. You need. I need it. She needs it. We are in this together.

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