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I love you even though, cont’d 

May 6, 2017

I love you even though you are a Trump supporter, I pronounced as she was jumping from the car into the hail and her waiting ride to the airport. She didn’t skip a beat. “I love you even though you are not a Trump supporter.” I blew her a kiss, and she was gone…..

She’s an old, dear friend, and our political views are diametrically opposed. She’s sick of seeing people post wistful Facebook updates about protests and the days of Obama. And I tighten up like a ball of stress when I read the horrifying news, so I can no longer really read the news.

We live on opposite sides of the country, so we don’t talk too often. We share periodic bursts of text messages. And then this, one brunch at the tail end of her trip where we catch up on as much face time as you can in a few hours. It feels like yesterday that we did this the last time. More likely, it’s been years.

I know enough about her beliefs to know she’s certain to be a Trump supporter. But I can’t ask outright. I just can’t. Ok, I won’t. But she throws it in casually because she knows I know. As surely as she knows I am not. Adamantly.

We touch on the topic for a moment during brunch, but I brush it off and say something to the effect of, I can’t. My son is sitting with us, and I temper my speech. I don’t want him to be witness to my vitriol and disgust that I won’t be able to disguise. He probably hears enough of it at home already.

So we continue our brunch, skipping only one small beat over our political differences. We both know each others’ hearts.

After our mocking but loving goodbye, I have a flash of regret. Have I missed an opportunity to gain some type of understanding of how an educated, professional woman who is tirelessly dedicated to helping people can support an ignoramus? I have. I know.

Still, I know what her key cause is and that she couldn’t vote for someone who disagrees with that.

Yet, with both of us coming from a place of love for one another, perhaps I underestimated her. And me. I mean, what’s a bit of politics between friends?

I didn’t call her right away to have the conversation. I did nothing. I’m ok with that. We never have really talked politics. But will I keep this in mind when faced with the potential for another difficult conversation? I hope so.

What would you do?

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