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Helicopters are flying overhead and I don’t feel so good myself 

April 18, 2017

One thing I feel comfortable with in my neighborhood and greater Bay Area is that the majority of people with whom I come in contact are anti-Trump. It’s comforting. I know I can lament the news of the day with nearly everyone I come across, and they are likely to agree. Although I don’t typically walk around openly and loudly complaining, I have not yet been proven wrong.

Yet, I do believe people have the right to express counter opinions. When I learned of the pro-Trump rally planned for downtown Berkeley this weekend, I gave it barely a moment of thought. It’s their right, as it was mine to join the women’s march.

Then the news started to grow. An anti-Trump rally was then planned at the same time/date/location. I knew we would stay away from that area that day. And when the helicopters started flying overhead, I wasn’t surprised. They were there for HOURS. 20 arrests were made, and a number of people were hospitalized. There was tear gas and beatings and ugliness.

I don’t know who threw the first punch. I do know that people were prepared. I know they brought tools to fight, many of which were taken by the Berkeley Police. I know they brought milk to combat the tear gas they expected would be thrown.

I don’t know why….they thought it was a good idea; they think (do they?) that it will change anything; they need to take out their aggressions against people who disagree with them.

I know it’s people like these below who are braver than all the aggressive protesters on both sides of the battle who only went there to beat, punch, hurt. It’s the people who seek out conversation and sharing of opinions who will make real change. It’s them I salute. They are brave…for showing up; for listening; for asking; for creating dialogue.

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