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Spinach in my teeth

April 2, 2017

I don’t care if he’s got spinach in his teeth during a press briefing, or if folks on both side of the aisle think she’s hot. I won’t judge her brand of feminism – that’s her choice. And if he wears scotch tape to hold his tie together, so be it.

These are non-issues. Mockeries and jokes. They make for funny Twitter memes, but if we capitalize on them and promote them, then we are less credible.

I believe laughter makes the world go round, and I’m all for self-deprecating humor. Yes, I’ve made fun of people, and I’ve giggled when someone had toilet paper stuck to their foot, even when it was me. 

I did, in fact, laugh OUT LOUD at Huffington Post’s “He Went to Jared” headline. It was clever and relevant, and news.


And very funny because of this, in case you missed the joke. 

When news sites and other information sources that want credibility and respect mock people for unfortunate mistakes (again, spinach in the teeth during a press conference sucks; close-up pictures of it are way worse), it’s a no-win.

There are enough important mistakes being made and tragic choices that will change our society for a long time that we don’t need mockery disguised as news. It’s a 24×7 world, but I’ll choose to save the silliness for when I’m not a journalist. (So, like, now. And always. Lucky me!)


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