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Passing on the gift of storytelling

April 1, 2017

Fierce like a dinosaur.

Roars like a dinosaur.

Fast like flash.

A storm was gonna come in Berkeley  and no one knew what to do. DinoFlash ran to SF and the storm wasn’t there. He had to save himself and get away from the people. He didn’t need to save anyone. DinoFlash is super cool. The end.

No, I haven’t hit my head and began rambling nonsensically. This, above, is a story by my 5 year old. I quite like it. It’s possibly I’m not impartial.

The backstory is that DinoFlash is a dinosaur – a T. Rex. Some bad guy turned him into a super hero. We don’t know yet who that bad guy is. DinoFlash will discover it because he’s a superhero.

It’s not so much about the story’s content. I’m proud of his growing ability to use his words to tell a story, share an adventure and express what is in his imagination.

Because, wow! There is SO much there.

How was your field trip today, I ask him. What did you see?

“I don’t remember,” he answers without looking up. It was just a few short hours ago.

No worries. That won’t be his way of talking to me and sharing his experiences. We are finding other ways. I will do what I can to help open up his mind and find new ways to get out what’s hidden inside. He’s “written” two books, and I hope there will be a lot more.

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