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Helpless or hopeful?

January 29, 2017

The words and colors on my sign bled down the page from the rain. It held together for as long as possible but tore and easily fell off the wooden post in time to be thrown into a garbage can before the rally was complete. 

I was in Walnut Creek, California, one of three nearby marches and certainly the smallest. It was huge in spirit. The kindness was palpable. Truly. We stood in mud as the rain fell down, and we all smiled at one another, admiring the creative signs, the funny ones, the angry ones. The ones held by men, boys in solidarity. 

I had to leave to pick up my son before the march was done. I wish I could have stayed. I felt a part of something important. I would do it again. I feel I might have to. 

I hadn’t known previously there would be marches all over the world. That’s beautiful. This video from Lily Allen brought tears to my eyes as so many things do these days. 

“I’m going to a town that has already been burnt down … I’m so tired of you, America.” Rufus Wainwright 

How does it make you feel? Helpless? Hopeful? 

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