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Life’s too short 

November 19, 2016

…to be unhappy at work every day

….to be complacent

At coffee with a former co-worker recently, this ideas rang through me. And they are the high points of why he and I are FORMER co-workers. I chose another path. Did he knowingly choose unhappiness and complacency?

He didn’t seem any happier at coffee than he had when we worked together, so the tides had not turned for him. He also wasn’t actively looking for work, although he was threatening it. 

I’m going to start working on my resume, he said. 

You should! (I didn’t skip a beat.) send it to me, I’ll review it. It’s been more than a month. I haven’t seen a thing. 

Choices. Does he like to be unhappy? Is it too hard to make a change? Is complacency actually easier when unhappiness weighs on your shoulders? Does he feel he does not deserve better? Can I shake him and change his mind?

Do you know someone like this? Are you him? Can you make a different choice today that will lead you down a path toward happiness?

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