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How the dragon found his fire

October 21, 2016

Leon the dragon lived in the deep, dark forest. He had a loving family and was the youngest of all the dragons in the town. He was also the only one who couldn’t breathe fire.

Leon was terribly sad about not being able to breathe fire. He watched his brothers and sisters do it with ease. His dad cooked the family dinner each night in under 5 minutes flat! That’s how strong his fire was.

Even his neighbor Alexandra who was born just one day before him, even she could breathe fire. Oh, it was really terrible.

His mama would pat his head and tell him, “you’ll get there one day, Leon. You’re just not ready yet.”

He felt ready.

Leon’s sister and brother teased him with not nice words like, “you’ll never be able to breathe fire!” “Yeah, you’re just a baby dragon!” And they giggled as they ran away toasting marshmallows for their snack.

His grandma wiped his tears and told him that one day, when his heart was ready, he would be able to breathe fire. Leon wasn’t sure he believed her at all.

One day, his grandpa sent him on an errand to pick some blueberries in the forest. He wasn’t afraid, and he went off with his favorite tin bucket.

Kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk. In to the bucket went the blueberries until there were so many, the noises stopped.

Suddenly, Leon heard a rustling sound coming from behind the giant eucalyptus trees.

He turned to look, thinking it was a small critter, or maybe a bird. Instead, a giant claw pushed the leaves aside and a head bigger than his dad’s pushed through into the clearing. The rest of the body seemed to take forever to fully appear – it was so big it cast a shadow over Leon’s whole body. He trembled.

“I see you little dragon,” the voice thundered.

Yup, it was a T- Rex for sure. He hadn’t been certain at first but only t Rex’s sounded like that.

Leon shook harder. His teeth rattled. He started to back away quietly.

“Not so fast there, little dragon. You look just the right size to be my breakfast.” He breathed menacingly as he reached out to grab Leon who simultaneously backed away.

“You can’t escape me, little dragon. I’m big, fast and hungry. I’ll get you.” With that, he lunged at Leon who sidestepped just out of the t-Rex’s grasp.

Leon didn’t know what to do. He screamed for help but no one heard.

“Oh, I see. You’re a dragon who can’t breathe fire so I have nothing to be afraid of. He he he.”

Leon was freaking. Out. There was nothing he could do. He had no defenses. Then a voice inside his head said, breathe fire.

He didn’t have time to think about it. This was an emergency situation. He stared down the T-Rex, he stomped his feet and he reached for the courage he knew he had in his heart and his mind.

“Oh yeah?!” Leon exclaimed. You can’t get me! I’m a fierce dragon!”

And he felt his anger and fear and fierceness he knew was inside him and he roared a roar so loud it shook he trees. Fire shot from his open mouth until leaves started burning and that T-Rex turned right around and ran away, with the tip of his tail alight with flames.

(Conclusion coming soon.) (Unless that is the conclusion)

(Stories from my imagination with LBV)

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  1. October 23, 2016 02:43

    I hope these stories turn into a book one day.

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  2. October 23, 2016 18:12

    this is quite good!!

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