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What does it take?

October 17, 2016

Inc has an article about what qualities it takes to be an entrepreneur. They missed the mark. It’s a list article without much depth. I’d expect better from them. 

The article lists four things:

1. Intelligence, noting the distinction between general intelligence and “entrepreneurial intelligence.” I know lots of smart, intelligent people. Too broad.

2. Attitude – broadly broad. The writer or expert she interviewed couldn’t narrow it down to something like resilience, fortitude or even positive thinking? 

3. Leadership skills – actually, this doesn’t come into play until you have a team, if you make it that far. Survey says. No. Not an essential quality. Great to have but not need to have. 

4. Knowledge – again, wow, so very broad.  And lots of people have an idea and learn as they go. 

Here’s a good example of a miss on my journey to explore what makes an entrepreneur. 

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