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September 19, 2016

What’s your sign? No, I’m not hitting on you. 

What your sign has been historically may not be your sign any longer. 

Due to NASA discoveries, we know now astrological signs have shifted

I’m a Virgo. I like Pina coladas and getting lost In the rain. (Little side Joke there. Hope you got it. If not, listen to the Pina colada song now. I digress.)

I should correct myself. I’ve always been a Virgo, and this article is telling me I’m now a Leo.  I’ve always identified with a number of the stereotypical Virgo characteristics. 

I don’t know much about Leo’s. I’ll need to do some research. I wonder: Will I see myself there? Will it answer previously unanswerable questions about my decisions, my actions, behavior?

Will I begin to self identify as a Leo? Do people adapt their thoughts to new labels?

And what about people who are now Ophiuchus, a previously unheard of star sign. There’s no cultural history there that I know of. It could open  new doors for them. 

Some people put a lot of stock in astrology. How will they adapt?

If you do put a lot of weight there, don’t panic. An article in ScienceAlert says NASA says they wouldn’t make that change because they study astronomy not astrology. But for purists,perhaps knowing the change exists will be enough for them to react somehow. 

It’s no big stretch to leap from astrological signs to my previous questions about how entrepreneurs are made. It raises more questions about predetermination and the characteristics we are born with versus how we are raised and what experiences we have that shape the people we become. 

So I can learn more about Leo’s and what it means. At this point in my adult life, it won’t likely mean much. 

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