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Finding the disconnect

August 19, 2016

People like us do things like this,” wrote Seth Godin.

He said, “There are a lot of disconnected people out there. Most of us are disconnected. And if you can find the threads to connect people,  you can create value.”

There are so many aspects to each of our lives and numerous potential threads to connect. But what binds? It’ll be something different for me than for you. Then we’re not in the same tribe. 

Is it at simple as friendship? That’s something else, equally as valuable. It’s a common need, a gap, a line that needs filled. A place in our lives where we need support, input, others in order to thrive. 

Identifying our own points of disconnection can help others. If we do something about it. 

There’s self help and then there’s the next step, putting something out into the world to connect people. Neither are easy. 

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