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Lucky day

June 25, 2016
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(This week, I’m traveling with my son to visit family. Hubster is at home. I’m soaking up the quality time and the gold my little bug is dropping left and right.)

Yesterday , at 5th  grade graduation lunch for my niece, we had a yummy sheet cake, and my son ate a sizable piece of chocolate cake. It apparently erased all his memory of previously being bored in the graduation ceremony. 

“It’s a lucky day for me today,” he said with a smile as he polished off his piece. 

After lunch, we played and then met cousins for an Italian dinner. Another meal followed by dessert, something we rarely have at home. 

When huggling in bed last night calming down after our busy and sugar-filled day, he said, “it’s such a lucky day I had today.” He grabbed my arm and kissed it ever so gently. 

It such a lucky I had today. 

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