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Does 60 days make a habit?

May 24, 2016

Yesterday was day 60 of blogging daily.

What have I learned?

  • How to maintain a daily writing practice, although I often wrote ahead
  • Better ways to express my opinions concisely; some days I still don’t feel I hit the mark, but my ratio is better
  • How to flexing my creative muscles – both in writing and with ideas. This is beneficial when I feel constrained at work.
  • I can use blogging as a process with which I work out ideas – taking from a grain, an inkling, to something more thoughtful
  • When I seek out ideas on which to write, I will uncover concepts I’ve never before considered
  • That sometimes all I can do is phone it in, but I will feed guilt over it. I should do better.
  • Some friends I think will read and be supportive won’t, and others will surprise me
  • The topics I believe will resonate often won’t
  • If I want to truly increase readership, I must have a plan
  • I sometimes hide from the hard stuff
  • I can always dig deeper
  • I want more people to read what I’m creating
  • I need more writing practice. Perpetually.

Will I continue?

I won’t continue writing daily, but I will commit to a schedule of at least 3 days each week. The days of the week may change, but I want to keep my momentum and engagement.



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  1. May 24, 2016 07:55

    I’ve loved reading your posts!

    If you want increased readership, consider posting them to facebook.



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