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Forming a habit

May 3, 2016

UPDATED May 3: I broke my own rule to Do, Not Try. And so I’ve updated this post title from: Trying to form a habit to what you see now: Forming a Habit. I’m not trying it. I’m doing it. I may falter along the way. 

If I can feel focus in my head, when I’m at rest, can I then create focus in my life?

I’ve managed the daily blogging. Daily meditating has been more of a challenge.

I’ve long been a fan from afar of meditation. Many smart and driven people I know and respect are habitual meditators.

My excuses? I’ve tried it and can’t do it. I don’t have time. My brain won’t stop. I fall asleep. I can’t…. I don’t want to do it today….

Even now, 80% in to a 20-day habit with the Headspace app, I struggle. My excuses remain.

Only now, I’m pushing through my excuses. I keep watching videos like this one. I am more deeply motivated by the promises of focus, calm and clarity.

Have I not convinced you of the value of meditation? Perhaps Andy Puddicombe can. I like him because he tells me its OK if I fall asleep while I do it.


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