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Hear this!

April 27, 2016

Talking obfuscates listening. Listening and really hearing the message – that’s the hard part.

Active listening is valuable, provided you don’t spend all the listening time thinking about your next question or witty retort.

If you are listening during a live interaction, it’s important to be really tuned in and engaged, if what you are hearing is at all worthwhile.

Silence is golden, and pauses allow what you are hearing to sink in before you respond in an appropriate way.

Listening on the telephone is a slightly different practice. Pauses can be confused with “can you hear me now” moments.

But what do you do with the person who only wants to be listened to? Who only wants to hear the sound of their voice? The person who will talk and share their great ideas for the first 31 minutes of a 30-minute meeting? And then is so busy being an active listener that they talk over you when you finally get your chance? For how long can you bide your time?

Can I send this post anonymously to a few?


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