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If being a word nerd is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

April 24, 2016

Call me a pain in the ass, you won’t be the first to do so. I spot grammar and spelling mistakes everywhere and they often make me crazy. I will avoid a company if they don’t have their act together. I’ll assume a Craig’s List ad is spam if the grammar is horrible. Sue me.

I know you can’t judge a book entirely by its cover, BUT spellcheck is ubiquitous and it catches grammar errors. it’s not hard to correct glaring errors.

According to a study conducted by  PLOS scientists Julie Boland and Robin Queen from the University of Michigan and reported in Ad Week’s PR Newser:

“More extraverted people were likely to overlook written errors that would cause introverted people to judge the person who makes such errors more negatively,” the study says. “Less agreeable people were more sensitive to grammos, while more conscientious and less open people were sensitive to typos.”

Pain shmain. I’ll stick to my grammar rules.


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