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Don’t try. Do.

April 10, 2016

Today, I caught myself 4 times. Writing an email about something I would TRY to do. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Will I do it? If yes, say so.

Do I need to do it but don’t want or care to? Say yes, but make it a lower priority. Or delegate.

Am I saying no? Then say no and close the conversation.

I am in the process of eliminating weak words from my lexicon — my speech and writing. These are words that soften my message so I become less direct and come across as less confident. Words that make my message less aggressive.

I am not trying to do it. I am doing it. It will take time to accomplish this in 100 percent of situations.

I am prepared for the slow roll as I continue to catch and remind myself not to use words like: TRY, just, really and very (ok to use sparingly), a bit, I believe/feel/think and perhaps.

I will uncover more as I go, I am sure. For now, these are my priorities in my Eliminate- Weak-Words Campaign.

What are your weak words?

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