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altMBA is not for wimps

April 1, 2016

I have a lot of takeaways after completing the 31-day sprint that is altMBA. I’m planning to process them as I rest for a couple of days post-program end tomorrow.

The program is about many more things — much more than any of the 100 of us expected. But it was mostly about progress, change, rejecting the status quo alizardnd shutting down the lizard brain that makes us believe we can’t accomplish what we want.

In fact, maybe that’s why all the web pages within the program dashboard have a small lizard on them — the lizard is trying to crawl in to everything you think and create and only you can shut it down.

I’ll continue to process on here all the learnings I’m taking away from the course. It will be my way of integrating them into my daily life and to keep practicing them. Practice is key, because that lizard is out there, taunting me.

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