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Mama, how do i go back inside your belly?

March 31, 2016

Dinner conversation with my 4 1/2 year old was particularly interesting tonight. He was just asking a straightforward question. He was curious.

Always with an aiming to speak honestly, I answered him that he couldn’t get back inside. That he’s too big and he wouldn’t fit. He was very little when he came out.

I told him that I couldn’t believe he doesn’t like macaroni and cheese because i ate it SO MUCH when I was pregnant. He asked me how he ate. He wasn’t particularly interested in the story of the umbilical cord.

“Did I enjoy the view out of the window?” He exclaimed that while giggling.

But then he asked seriously, “how could I see in there?” I explained his eyes were closed and it was dark, so he didn’t need to see.

“There were no windows!”  “Your mouth was window!”

Me: “You would knock on my belly to tell me you wanted light, I’d open my mouth like this [open], and then I’d close it again.” We laughed together.

He’s a great conversationalist.

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