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Stuck to you like Peanut Butter

March 17, 2016

With full respect and credit given to Shel Silverstein for his Peanut-Butter Sandwich King, LBV and I both really enjoyed the story I told him tonight before bed. It started with my idea that I always want to grab him and give him kisses, and he almost never wants that. So as we snuggled in bed, and he demanded a tell him a story from my imagination, I told him this:

There was a little boy who had a mama who always wanted to give him kisses. And he kept saying, “no mama, no kisses. I have to play.” But she kept doing it. One day, she ate a peanut butter sandwich and then she gave him a kiss on his cheek and her lips got stuck there. (giggles, smiles)

They tried and tried to pull apart, but they couldn’t. Mama tried to grease it with butter. Didn’t work. She shoved in some marmalade. No dice. She squirted in toothpaste. Tried more kisses. Only made it worse.

Mama got hungry but could only fit a straw in the corner of her mouth, so she made some shakes to eat. Now, daddy was away that night and wouldn’t be home that night, so the boy brushed his teeth (mama couldn’t), and they fell asleepeanut-butterp very close together. Every time mama sneezed during the night, the boy would wake up. (LBV asked why. I showed him. He thought that was funny, so he showed me back.)

The next morning, they were still attached. They couldn’t go to work or school, so they stayed home together and huggled on the coach, played together and had a nice day. Tata came home that night. He decided he would try water and then just mush their faces together and finally, he was able to detach mama from the boy’s cheek. And then they had to wash up because their faces were so dirty from all that food. The end.

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