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Smartphone addiction, my ass

February 8, 2016

I laid him in bed, nuzzled his nose, kissed his cheeks and all over his face. Brushed back his hair and prepared to sit on my pillow on the floor beside his bed while he fell asleep. I don’t want this to be a nightly routine, but he’s got a fever and I want to be close by.
“Do you want to go lay in the bed,” he stage whispered, in the way 4 year olds do? Next to you, I asked? “over there, in the big bed.” So he was giving me permission to be more comfortable in the other bed while remaining in the room with him.

I told him I liked that idea as I gave him a few more kisses and started getting up. “Do you have your phone?” I replied that no, I didn’t know where it was right then. “But you always have your phone with you,” he stated.

He’s right. I do. And we wonder why he constantly wants to watch something, look at videos or play a game. He wants it because we always seem to want it. I’ve been more aware of it recently and consciously try to not carry it everywhere around our cozy home. I persistently tell me husband to get off his phone. It’s too much.
We don’t have a home phone; so I do tend to want my phone on hand in case of emergency, especially when it’s only the two of us at home alone. But more often, I have a thought like Oh! I need to buy bug more undies! And I want to get online to do it before I forget. It’s a bad habit.
How can I tell him he’s being over the top with his demands for screen time, if I’m overdoing it myself? I can’t. And so I have to do better.

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