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Help, my baby is …..

November 18, 2012

Tonight, I searched online. Baby eats toilet paper. Because, apparently, he does. Not handfuls of it. But when the bathroom door is open, he just marches (yes, walking!!) himself right in, goes straight for the toilet paper roll, pulls off a smidge and starts munching.

He’s not so keen on magazine paper or notepads. He’s tasted them in his time, but these days, TP is his paper of choice.

The online answers I found ranged from the witty (because they like it)  to the downright accusatory (it’s obviously OCD; get a psychological evaluation) and then back to the hysterical inducing (toilet paper has lead; get your baby to the doctor immediately!!)

Should I panic? Run to a psychologist? Get him a spoon? Aaah!

Perhaps the more important question to ask here is, why don’t people stop their babies from eating TP? At least I do that.

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