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Chasing the sun

October 16, 2012

He spots a ray of sunshine from across the room and rushes to it, excited about the prospect of this new toy he hasn’t seen before. When he gets to it, he doesn’t seem to mind that he can’t grab it. He finds a way to play with it anyway. He squeals and bangs his hands against the wall where the sun makes circles by streaming through the holes on the back of the chair. Someone tries to distract him with a truck, but he’s not ready yet to leave the sun. 

At nearly 13 months old, my son is still in the phase where playing with our fingers and toes is great fun. I wiggle my toes, and he grabs at them, sometimes giggling. He’s delicious. My little sunshine, and I never tire of watching him.

I’m actively working to be as PRESENT as I can with him every day. I no longer multitask while we nurse. I stop, rest, caress his head and watch him. He’s not really a big snuggler, so those are my opportunities each day. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be nursing, and he’ll soon be out of this phase and into the next — walking is imminent. I’m making a conscious effort to enjoy and appreciate what we have together now. I hope I can keep it up. 


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