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Inspires the lyrics

May 16, 2012

Good morning! Good mo-o-oorning. Good morning to you. (toot toot)

Inspires the Lyrics

Inspires the Lyrics

Good morning! Good mo-o-orning. Good morning to you.

We’re gonna get up. And we’re starting our day. We’re gonna have lots of good fun in every way. Woo!

Good morning! Good mo-o-o-o-orning. Good morning to you.


This is the morning song I sing to my babe. I insert some silly noises. He seems to like it. Babies inspire me to make up songs. When I was less anxious back in the day when I was nannying for my niece, I made up lots more. These days, I find stress does sap some of my creativity.

One of my oldies but goodies is sung to the tune of ‘I’ve got the whole world in my hands.” I changed the lyrics to better match my daily activities…. I’ve got the whole tushie in my hands! I’ve got the whole tushie in my hands… You can imagine the rest.

Lots of songs or ditties I create aren’t worth remembering. Just ask the Hubster. But my baby inspires the lyrics, and I’m going to keep them coming. He’ll decide what sticks.

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