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Baby head

March 6, 2012

That’s what is going on inside my brain. I struggle to focus on work or to read something besides a baby book or article. I am constantly trying to suggest solutions to problems or non-existent problems, as the case may be. I have milk insecurity from my rough beginnings with nursing, and I constantly feel like I’m not producing enough for my babe. It’s all baby, all the time up in here.

Need I say more?

That’s not to say that he has problems that need solving. He’s a wonderful, sweet, happy boy who hardly ever cries. (Although tears were a great reason for me to stop vaccuuming the other day. Oh, and I can’t use the blender. He does NOT like it.) He is “The Sweetness.”

Due to brain being full-on babified, I find I am unable to cross items off of my ever-growing to-do list. Yikes! Tax deadline is fast approaching, and I can’t even get it together to buy airplane tickets for a planned April trip. Client work needs to get done.

Mama needs to get it together. As soon as I finish this quick blog post….

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