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Memories of his first hour and before

October 18, 2011

Water breaking – is that what this is? She is sitting in a puddle.
Come on, contractions.
No pitocin, please.
LOTS of pitocin.
Can not catch my breath.
Oh, the pain. The. Pain.
Please stop the pain.
I cannot feel my legs.
Rest. Sleep.
It’s time to start pushing.
Watch this machine. Spikes mean she’s having a contraction. Grabs leg, start counting slowly to 7 and tell her to push.
No, the baby will not be born today. It will be Sept. 20.
Push harder.
Reach down and feel his head.
P. U. S. H.
Here’s your baby!
Do you want to cut the cord?
Oh my god.
Can we take him now for some tests? No? Ok.
6 pounds, 7 ounces.
20.67 inches.
What time is it? 1:21am
He scored an 8 and a 9.
Holy shit.
We’re parents.
I still can’t feel my legs.

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