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The shine came off the penny

June 21, 2011

You know those people who like to vacation to the same place every year or otherwise regularly? I’m not one of those people. My list of destinations around the globe that I feel I need to visit is long and varied.

Generally, the only locations I revisit during time off are places where family lives. Fortunately, that list includes New York City (of which I never tire), Key West and Prague. Not too shabby.

Still, the Hubster and I were thrilled to visit Kauai, Hawaii, recently. About five years ago, we vacationed on Kauai and Maui and loved them both – Kauai more.  Ever since, we’ve been talking about getting back to Hawaii.  Now that we live on the west coast, we hear regularly about friends visiting Hawaii — it’s like west coasters’ Caribbean for vacations. So we figured we needed to do it again, while we are so close.

So we booked a week in Kauai. And we did have a wonderful time. Watching sea turtles and surfers frolic in the waters of Lawai Beach, a five-minute walk from our guest house; hiking to a waterfall in Waimea Canyon; boating and snorkeling by the shores of the Na Pali coast, accessible only by rigorous hiking or by boat; lazing on whatever beach we could find; and falling asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing on Baby Beach.  

Yes, i took this picture from atop the rock wall.

But … this time the Hubster and I noticed more than the lush green beauty of the land and the glorious beaches. 
Are we jaded? We kept seeing old buildings rusted through and wondered why and how they were still standing. We noted neighborhoods that are written about as historic and full of personality but looked disregarded.  
The shine was off the penny.
Still, the good was better than any negatives, and we loved and appreciated our vacation. But I think we both agree …. Kauai can be checked off our list, and we don’t need to spend tons of money to go there again. Next up, Galapagos Islands! (Yes, I love turtles and tortoises). Ooh, or maybe Iceland. Oh, I know, definitely the San Juan Islands in Washington. I guess we’ll see. The list goes on.
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  1. June 21, 2011 16:03

    Looks like it is time for the next item on the list!


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