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You Scratch My Back, I’ll Pay You

March 15, 2011

Chinese, Swedish, sports massages and more. Facials, peels, waxing, manicures, pedicures and so on. All these luxury services are designed to help us relax, make us feel better and a little spoiled. Sitting with a 20-minute face mask at home just can’t compare to a spa treatment.

So what about back scratching?

It was a family treat when I was growing up. My mom used to have my sister and I scratch her back while sitting on the couch watching TV. She would scratch our backs in exchange. Lovely. Relaxing and calming. An ideal back scratch has enough strength to not tickle, but not too much strength to leave you with welts.

Now, I have a lot of beauty marks and freckles on my back. As a massage therapist once told me, it’s like a planetarium back there. My sweet Hubster doesn’t like to scratch my back with his no-nailed fingers because he doesn’t want to scratch anything or hurt me. Ugh! I reject that notion. But there’s nothing I can do. And don’t even suggest those wooden or metal back scratchers – they do NOT cut it. Until I find a back-scratching facility. Any suggestions?

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  1. June 5, 2013 14:06

    I’ve been searching for the same thing in my area. I actually think some places are FINALLY offering back scratches as a service but you still have to look mighty hard for it. It’s still, ignorantly, not offered anywhere near as much as it should be. This country is soooooooooooo stupid, someone could be making a mint by doing this. For whatever asinine reason i think massage therapists are sometimes uncomfortable doing this. It’s so ridiculous. When i get a massage they usually have no problem rubbing my butt forever and a day, but when it comes to backscratching that’s taboo. Only in this country would something like that make sense. I’ve only asked for a back scratch twice in my life from a therapist. The first time she honestly didn’t even know what a back scratch was. She was completely dumbfounded and had no idea what i meant. At first i thought she didn’t get it because she was foreign and maybe didn’t understand me, but i was wrong…she just didn’t know what it meant…that’s sad, going through your life never having had a back scratch. The second time i asked a different therapist. She knew what it meant but seemed uncomfortable about it. She actually asked me if i wanted it with the sheet over my back or skin to skin. As if that’s a question that ever needs to be asked when getting your back scratched. You also need to understand that this particular therapist had no problem telling me she thinks “her boyfriend needed to masturbate more” but she is uncomfortable scratching my back. She seemed to have no problem talking about personal things, including sexual, while i was naked on her table, but scratching a back was really weird. Help me Rhonda!


    • June 5, 2013 14:48

      Ha ha, great story. I’ve never asked for a back scratch during a massage. It does feel somewhat more intimate, but when someone is rubbing your inner thigh, what’s some nails on a back?! Keep asking! Demand may drive supply, right?


    • Jorgensen permalink
      December 18, 2015 02:48

      What do you mean only in this country, are you so ignorant that you think this is the MOST sexually/socially conservative nation? You need to read about other countries.


  2. david permalink
    November 16, 2015 20:30

    I would offer $20 for an hour of back scratching. How many jobs out there that demand way more and pay way less.


  3. December 29, 2015 18:41

    I certainly don’t want an hour treatment of just back scratching. I think a 15 minute session for $20 is about where I am on the demand side. I’m not a qualified provider, but if I were, I need some protection for my safety. I’m not scratching a strangers back with my bare fingernails and taking their DNA to lunch with me, nor their virus’/bacteria/etc… but for give or take $60 an hour (or in excess of $100K per year), it’s a valid income stream.



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